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How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business: Beginners Guide 2020

how to create a facebook page for business

A Facebook page is the best way to increase your brand awareness and to connect your business with the world for free. In this post, I am sharing simple steps on How to create a Facebook page for your business and blog.

Facebook page helps you to develop a relationship between your audience and brand to generate sales. Would you like to create a Facebook business page, but don’t know how to do this? Follow the steps below and get your page live within a few minutes.

Step by step guide: How to create a Facebook Business Page in 8 steps

#Step 1) Create Your Business Page

To begin, go to https://www.facebook.com/business

Select “Create a Page” from the right upper corner.

Now choose your page category from – “Business or Brand” (if you have a company/brand) and “Community or Public” Figure (For example, personal Blog/website). Once done, click on “Get Started”.

Enter your “Facebook Page Name”, pick a category depending on your business, and hit “Continue”.

Choose a category to create a facebook page

Note, you have to create and link your Facebook business page with your personal account.

#Step 2) Adding a Profile and Cover Photo for Your Facebook Page

If you are a local business, shot pictures of your offering and add as your profile photo so visitors may know about your business. Or in case you are a brand, then using your logo will be a perfect idea.

Profile image will help your business in making an immediate connection with costumers. Choosing the right profile picture is very important, so select it wisely.

Add a profile picture for your facebook business page

Now add a cover image to your business page that expresses clearly about your services, products, and brand. The image must be at least 400 (wide) x 150 (height) pixels. Once you have selected the image, click’em “Upload a Cover Photo”.

add a cover photo for your facebook business page

#Step 3) Editing Your Page Info

Firstly, the most basic task is to add a brief introduction (Max 255 characters) of your page to tell peoples about your services. Once done, click “Save Changes”.

add a brief summary of your Facebook page

You can add a few more information below to your Facebook business page.

  • Phone Number: Add a current phone number for customers to contact you.
  • Website Address: Add a website/blog address so your costumers can know more about your business.
  • Email Address: Adding an email address helps potential people to contact you.
  • Your Address: If you have a local business page, then it’s compulsory to add a physical address so costumers can visit your business.
  • Hours: Select the working hours of your business.
  • Products Details: Enter the details of the products you offer.
  • Privacy Policy Link: Add a privacy policy link of your website/blog to ensure visitors about your website policies, terms & conditions.

#Step 4) Add a Call-to-Action Button to your Page

CTA allows you to choose the desired button you want your audience to see on your page.

For example, if your page is for your shop, then you can add a shop now button. This CTA button will help your customers to shop with your website.

To add this, click “Add a Button” on the right side of your page just below the cover image.

add a call to action button

Now select a button from the categories below.

Make a booking with you

  • It will allow peoples to book appointments or tickets via your page.
  • CTA Button: Book Now

Contact You

  • It will allow peoples to contact you through messenger, phone, or email.
  • CTA Button: Contact Us, Send Message, Call Now, Sign up and Send Email

Learn More About Your Business

  • It will allow people to watch videos or Learn more about your business/blog.
  • CTA Button: Watch Video and Learn More

Shop With You

  • It will allow peoples to see offers and shop on your blog/website.
  • CTA Button: Shop Now and See Offers

Download your app or play your game

  • It will allow peoples to download your game app or to play the game.
  • CTA Button: Use App and Play Game
add a button to your facebook business page

#Step 5) Create your Page Username

Go to the “About” section from the left down menu of your FB Page.

Search for “Create Page @username” and click on it.

Write a page username that’s easy to remember and highlights your business. Next, Click on “Create Username”. Now a pop-up window will be opened with the link that people will use to connect or contact your page.

pop up window showing link of your fb page

#Step 6) Complete Your About section

To do this, select the “About” section from the left-hand side menu of the page,

From this section, you can add in-detailed further information like your contact details, start date, products, company overview, and other social accounts.

This section also offers you a feature called “Story” that allows you to add a lengthy description of your business by clicking Tell People About Your Business. Adding a “story” will let your fans know more about your type of business, what you are offering, and why they should like your Facebook page.

If you have not added your website, business type, phone number, email address, etc. you can still add it from about section. Depending on your kind of business, you can add the desired information.

For example, if you have a food business page, then you may be able to add your offering menu. Always be sure to add as much information as possible to keep your fans/audience well updated so they can check the details of what they are looking for.

how to edit about section of your Facebook fan page

#Step 7) Share Your First Amazing Post

Before you proceed with inviting peoples to follow/like your Facebook page, make sure to write and share something valuable to visitors. Sharing an informative post is the first impression to attract peoples towards your page. It will help you in building a good relationship with your audience too.

Always be sure to post only relevant and exciting information regularly.

create a post for facebook page

#Step 8) Send invitation to peoples to like your page

It is the last and most important step you should follow to get more audience for your business page. Send an invitation to friends, people you know request them to like your page and get connected with your new page fans.

invite friends to like your Facebook page


The Facebook business page makes way for new costumers to get connected with you, engage with your quality content, and shop from your website.

Be sure to properly configure your page for better results and make the most out of it.

Use these steps to create your first facebook page and start promoting it in the best possible ways.

Do you still have any confusion on how to create a Facebook business page? Let us know by commenting below and join us on Twitter and Facebook.

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