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6 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Writers in 2020 (Free & Paid)

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Being a writer, checking content originality is a crucial task. Whether you are a blogger or a professor or in any other field, using a plagiarism checker tool is very essential.

Especially when you are writing for SEO, be sure to check for duplicate content before you publish it online to avoid Google penalties.

It is impossible to check your content’s originality manually. It’s not only tricky but also a time-consuming activity.

In this post, I have posted a list of 6 best plagiarism checker tools to check for duplicate content. You can choose free or paid ones according to your work and budget.

Plagiarism in content marketing means Copying a content/image from one’s websites and pasting it over to other websites. It is becoming a prevalent issue, mainly when you hire a freelance for your writing. You must ensure the content’s originality before publishing it.

Well, these plagiarism tools have made the publishers work easy. You can now write by yourself and check the uniqueness of your content by using these free & paid tools.

However, I have tried all these online plagiarism tools before writing this post. Hence here is my list of some best plagiarism checker tools to find if your content is original or copied.

6 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools to Find Plagiarised Content:

1. Grammarly Online Plagiarism Checker Tool

Grammarly plagiarism checker

It is a well known best plagiarism checker tool among writers I know till now. Grammarly is the best source to find your duplicate content against 16 million web pages. It does not only help you in finding plagiarized content but also scans 250 types of grammatical and spelling mistakes and providing you an instant suggestion to fix it.

While Grammarly is available with both free and paid options, you can choose the Grammarly premium option, which provides you advanced features like proofreading, vocabulary enhancement, grammar checking, and plagiarism finder.

I am using this software for a while and genuinely recommend this for writers.


  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited Checking


  • Need internet connection
  • Freemium offers limited features

2. Plagiarismcheck.org


Like Grammarly, this is another high-level online plagiarism checker tool that permits you to scan your write-ups instantly. Similar to other most relevant plagiarism tools, Plagiarismcheck.org also did a fabulous job of keeping it simple for its users.

You can check your content’s uniqueness either by pasting it into the “New Check” field or just attaching the document files you want to get tested and then click ‘Proceed.’

In a moment your report will arrive, including the percentage of your plagiarised content, along with the original detected sources. It highlights the copied text marked as underlined in RED color so that you can easily re-write them to make it unique.

Whether you are an educational institution or a freelance writer, Plagiarismcheck.org is suitable for all types of organizations and individuals.

For organizations, price is quoted only on request. For individuals like bloggers, students, the basic beginner plan starts from 5.99 per 20 pages (250 Words = 1 Page).


  • Simple and Neat design
  • Upload varied file formats
  • Free trial available


  • A short number of checks in a free trial ( up to 3 pages)
  • Expensive than Grammarly

3. Unicheck


Unicheck is a cloud-based plagiarism tool that helps students, teachers, writers and anyone who want to generate original content. The design and interface are very easy to use and checks your writing really fast with higher accuracy.

This tool comes with only paid one option. The personal plan cost starts at 5 USD for 20 Pages (275 Words = 1 Page). They offer add-ons for MS word, G suite, Office 365 and has an extension for Chrome browser. Unicheck supports 99% of file types such as docs, pdf, Xls, Html, Odt, txt, RTF as well as RAR, ZIP archives and many more.

I do recommend Unicheck for everyone who doesn’t mind spending some bucks for advanced features. Overall, I can say it “best value for money”.


  • Accurate Scan Results
  • Check up to four files at a time
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Entirely paid, no free version

4. Quetext


Quetext is an advanced Plagiarism detection tool and citation assistant that scans your document to billions of sources. DeepSearch technology allows Quetext to quickly check your content at a different and deeper level and also find content that is similar and rewritten.

Quetext is a powerful plagiarism checker software that offers many useful features to keep your content original and secure. It scans your documents through their huge database of books, websites and academic papers to ensure its 100% original.

Quetext offers both free and pro versions. Unfortunately, the free version does not include the DeepSearch feature and the search limit is 3 checks per day with a maximum of 500 words. While pro version offers unlimited searches up to (50 Pages) 25000 words in a single search at $9.99/Month. You can upload multiple file types like (MS Word, PDF, Txt..) and download your original reports at ease.


  • Multiple File upload – Up to 5 pages at once.
  • Uses Deepsearch Technology to check writeups with clear traces of plagiarism.
  • User’s content is not stored in their database.


  • Free users are restricted to only 3 plagiarism scans per month

5. SmallSeoTools


This one is another most effective plagiarism checker tool available on the internet. This tool is free of cost to use for web-based search.

Although, this plagiarism checker is limited to check 1000 words at a time. But you can use it for small writing projects.

It also offers you a WordPress plagiarism checker plugin, which you can use with WordPress blog writing. It provides you most accurate realtime results.

Unfortunately, free users can check only 20 queries with no word limit. However, the Paid Wp plagiarism plugin comes with a Monthly and yearly subscription that offers you 500 to 10000 queries depending on the opted plan.

Along with the above feature, they also have an API version that costs between USD 100 to 400 a month. For large writing projects, you can ask them for custom plans by using there contact us page.

Note: 1 query = 1 Sentence (so 1000 queries means 1000 sentences)


  • 100% Free of charge
  • Simple user interface
  • Offers a variety of other Seo tools


  • Doesn’t provide source details
  • Freemium is Not much effective as premium versions

6. Duplichecker


Duplichecker is a 100% free plagiarism detector tool; even there is no requirement to create an account to use it. There are loads of tools available online, but Duplichecker guarantees to provide you with the most detailed results comparing to other free tools.

You can use this tool by directly pasting or writing your content in the text box; the limit is 1000 words per search. You can also check it by just uploading a Doc/txt file or by entering your web URL.

In seconds, it will show you a comprehensive analysis of your content, whether it is original or not, with the source details. You can check copied text by clicking on the ‘Compare Text’ button.

Duplichecker has a variety of beneficial features; for example, Grammar checker, Keyword research, Seo tools, and many more.

I recommend this valuable resource for students and new bloggers who can’t afford paid ones.


  • Variety of free features
  • On-the-spot Results
  • No need to register


  • 50 Scans Per Day
  • It stores and shares your data (Mentioned in their disclosure)

Well, Guys, these were my list of top 6 plagiarism checker tools. There are many more free and paid versions are available on the internet. But, for more accurate results I will prefer to go with paid ones.

I will be updating this list whenever any new best plagiarism tool is available online. However, you can Bookmark this page and visit again after a month to check the newly updated list.

So let me know which tool you are using at the moment, your experience or any recommendation through comments.

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