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What is Backlink? Why Backlink is So Important in SEO – GeekPerson

what is backlink

What is Backlink?” The very first question that arises in the brain of every new blogger who is looking to launch a blog or a site.

Still, lots of beginners face difficulty in understanding the term “Backlink.”

In this post, I will help you in understanding what exactly backlinks are, Why they are so important in SEO, and why they play an essential role in the success of a website.

Let’s Start!

In Search engine optimization [SEO] terminology, backlink means when any website mentions your website on their webpage by hyperlinking the text/image. When a website or webpage is linked to any other site, it is called a backlink.

A backlink is the most important metric, followed by Search Engines to rank a page.

Here are some important terms related to backlink, which you should know before we proceed:

  • Link Juice: When a site links to any of your articles or website’s homepage, it passes the link juice. It helps in the ranking of the content and increasing the authority of your domain. However, you can still block the link juice from being passed by using a nofollow tag.
  • Linking Root Domain: This refers to how many backlinks are coming from a unique domain on your website. Even if a site links to your website 10 times, it will still be considered a linked root domain.
  • Low-Quality Links: These types of Links are links that come from automated sites, spam sites, and even porn sites. These links can harm your blog; that’s why you have to be very careful while creating a backlink.
  • Internal Linking: Links that link to another page from the same domain are called internal links, and this process is also known as internal linking.
  • Anchor Text: The text you use to Hyperlink. Anchor text works excellent when you are seeking to rank for particular keywords.
  • Nofollow Link: When you link your site to another website but that link has a nofollow tag. The link does not pass the juice. Unfortunately, Nofollow links are not useful for ranking purposes because they do not contribute anything. Generally, a webmaster uses the nofollow tag when he links out to an unreliable site—for example, links in comments.
  • Do-follow link: All links that you add to a blog post have do-follow attributes, and these links pass juice.

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What are the benefits of creating backlinks in SEO?

Before I start talking about the advantages of backlinks, you should know that the Backlink building strategy has now changed a lot in the last few years.

There was a time when low-quality backlinks were useful in getting ranked. But after the arrival of the Google Penguin algorithm, the entire backlinking style has completely changed now.

It’s now necessary to get backlinks from quality sites, and these backlinks must be in contextual form. For example: Let’s suppose your website is about food, then your backlink should be from a related site.

Why creating backlinks are essential for your site.

1. To Improve Organic Ranking:

Backlinks really help a lot in achieving better ranking. If any of your pages receives organic links from other sites, then automatically, that article gets higher chances of ranking in the search engine.

2. Referral Traffic:

A significant benefit of backlinks is that they help in bringing referral traffic (Traffic, which does not come from the search engine on your blog but through a link to another blog).

3. For Faster indexing:

Backlinks help search engine bots to find links to your site and crawl them effectively. For every new website, it is necessary to get backlinks as they help in faster crawling and indexing of sites.

How to create a backlink?

Backlinks play a big role in ranking your site in search engines like Google. If you follow the guidelines of google while creating backlinks, then the results will be surprising. So let’s know how to make backlinks organically.

Start Commenting on Blogs: These types of links are made by commenting on the post of another blog. Usually, this type of backlink has nofollow attribute.

Do Guest Post: These links are generated by writing a post for another website by adding a link to your page in a text anchor are called guest post backlinks. Guest post links are mostly dofollow backlinks. This type of backlink ranks the site up very fast in the search engine.

Submit your site to free web directories: Submitting your blog or website to web directories is another easy and great way to get backlinks. This method is not so popular these days because finding the legal web directory is not an easy task.

It would be best if you avoid such web directories that ask you to backlink them at your website to include your blog in their directory.

Internal backlinks: Friends, whenever you write an article, definitely add a link to new related posts in your other posts. These types of links also play a perfect role in increasing the value of your site.

Broken links: Such links that do not exist are called broken links.

You can search for such broken links through W3C broken link checker and tell them via mail that your page is not working, can you add a link to my article here. From here, you also get a dofollow backlink.

I hope that with the help of this post, you have now understood what backlinks mainly are and how crucial are they for our blog.

Start making backlinks and get your blog ranked high in Search Engine.

Still, have any questions? Please leave a comment below!

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