As we know, Facebook is the number one social networking site and has risen its popularity in a couple of past years. In this post, I have shared various facebook tips and tricks that you should try now to make your FB profile more stylish.

Facebook, widely known as FB, is the most popular social networking site in the world; and people of all ages love to spend their time here. Although Facebook is not just about checking notifications, uploading photos, and chatting with your friends, therefore, to upgrade your FB profile, you may visit the settings panel and apply these tricks.

However, as a user, Facebook is a lot more entertaining and helpful. But, merely if you know how to make use of all the super cool apps that Facebook offers. But unfortunately, these superb Facebook tips and tricks are yet strange to many of us. Isn’t it?

Let’s go through these 10 secret Facebook tips and tricks that you should use right at present to upgrade your daily FB experience.

Superb Facebook Tips and Tricks to Upgrade Your Facebook Profile

#1 Turn Off Active Status From Selected People

Sometimes it is annoying to get messages on facebook from friends when you are busy. Perhaps due to being busy, I may be unable to answer their messages. But at the same time, I cannot even make them feel like I’m ignoring them by not replying to their messages.

Let’s see how to do this:

Click on the gearbox located below the chatbox and click on advanced setting. A new popup window will appear on your screen with the option “turn on chat for all friends.” Start adding peoples by entering there FB names for whom you don’t want to appear online. That’s all; now, this will make you invisible to them. Try it now to see how this works.

Fb turn off active status

#2 Block Annoying Game Request & App Invites From a Friend

Click the down arrow sign on the top right corner then select settings. From the left drop-down menu, click on “Blocking.” Now look for “Block App Invites” and write your friend’s name in the “block invites from” type box.

Nevertheless, you can unblock your friend later by revisiting this page and clicking on Unblock next to their names.

Block facebook app invites

#3 Download Facebook Videos

  • Select a video you want to download
  • Click on the three upright dots on the upper right corner of the video
  • Click on Copy Link
  • Go to the browser and search for Getfvid
  • Open “” and Paste the copied URL link and enter or click on the download button
  • Now you will see download quality options
  • Click on the desired video quality and enjoy it.
Fb video downloader

#4 Locate Your friend’s Location on FB App

  • Login to FB app and click on three vertical lines on the right above corner
  • Then Select “nearby friends.”
  • See your friend’s location below their name.
Facebook nearby friends location

#5 How to Log Out Facebook Account from Third-Party App

This trick is especially for those people who are cautious about their security and don’t want to share their information with third-party apps. As a result, logging into any app with your Facebook account gives them access to collect your data easily.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on “Apps and Websites”
  • Right tick the box just after the App you want to remove or get logged out from
  • Click on the “Remove” button
  • In a new pop up browser window, you will need to re-confirm, now again click on Remove
Log out Fb account from any app

#6 Facebook is a World of Virtual Arcade Games

Facebook games are becoming trendy at the moment, with almost 30% active FB users. It remains an ideal place to kill your time playing a variety of games with your friends for example farm villa, candy crush, etc.,

  • Click on “Games” from the right drop-down menu.
  • You will redirected to the “Instant Games” page
  • Choose your favorite game and enjoy
Facebook a world of arcade games

#7 Post a Blank Status on Your FB Wall

Many of us love to update the status on Facebook daily. You can use this exciting trick to grab your friends and relative attention, and they will go like “How you post a blank status??”.

  • Press and hold ALT + type 0173 or @[2:2: ]
  • Now click on “post” button
  • A blank status will be updated on your FB wall
Blank status on your fb wall

#8 Send Invitations to All Your FB Friends at Once to Like Your Page

Are you tired of inviting your friends individually to like your Facebook page? Many of us still use FB all invite chrome extensions that enable you to send invitations to all your friends at once. But that’s time-consuming, let’s see how to do this without using any extension.

  • Visit your business page
  • Now click three dots just below the cover picture
three dots
  • From Scroll down menu, select “Invite Friends.”
  • Then click “Select All.”
  • Now click “Send invitations.”
Send invitations to FB friends at once

#9 Change Facebook Theme and Appearance

The essential requirement to make this trick work is to have chrome or mozzarella Firefox as your browser. This Stylish extension lets you change your FB wall background according to your personal preference.

Steps for Chrome users

  • Install Stylish extension from the chrome web store
  • Visit your Fb page and click on the S button located in the above right corner
Stylish icon
  • Click on “Find more styles for this site,” you will redirect to a new tab with free themes
  • Click on the desired theme and preview them
stylish facebook themes

If you liked the theme, click on the “Install Style” button at the bottom right corner of the preview.

#10 Make Your Facebook Text Fancier

This FB trick enables you to generate stylish fancy text. You can quickly create elegant fonts by visiting cool stylish text generators web, for example, “Cool Symbol“. Just write in the box >> choose your customized text from a variety of styles >> copy it >> paste it into your FB wall.

Stylish font generator

So these were some best-known facebook tips and tricks to give a new look to your FB profile. I will keep adding more latest tips and tricks to this list as soon as we find such more pretty cool tricks.

What are your secret Facebook tricks? Try these tricks and let us know your favorite super fabulous FB trick in the comment box, and don’t forget to join us on Facebook.

Image Credits: All Screenshots are taken by the author, December 2019

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